Petroleum Industry

Serving coast to coast, WEnd is bringing years of consulting experience to marketers around the country who are looking to improve processes, implement software, and update their technology in the fast-paced environment.

Agriculture Industry

Whether you are new to the industry, multi-generational, or a mature marketer, WEnd can help evaluate your business needs and provide road maps to the future. We focus on targeting your current software needs and how to leverage your technology to its best capabilities.

“WEnd delivers on point consulting to drive solid ROI for companies of all size and business verticals”

Supporting marketers who are looking to change or innovate their technology and software portfolio.

The team contains expert knowledge in Agriculture, Retail, Logistics, Lubes, Wholesale, Cardlock, and Home Heat. Each vertical is backed by understanding the best practices that have made companies successful and finding innovative solutions to the industry’s most complex problems.

We understand that every day the software and technology is growing in the industry. More hardware options are becoming available, but software is starting to consolidate. Many marketers are struggling to get support or are being forced to only limited choices. WEnd will bring support, hold vendors accountable, and ensure marketers are able to meet their goals.

Our Latest Insights

grain marketing plan
Are You Methodically Maximizing Your Profitability with a Grain Marketing Plan?

Let’s be honest.  Many farmers have never written an actual “grain marketing plan.”  Farmers have traditionally relied on their knowledge and experience to make decisions based on trends and gut […]

Environmental Due Diligence
Environmental Due Diligence for Gas Stations is a Must During the Purchasing Process

The movement of fuel station and convenience store ownership has been very active for the past year.  Large corporations like 7-Eleven are purchasing entire chains and expanding their footprint across […]

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