Automate Business Processes Easily with an ERP Software Solution

Automate Business Processes Easily with an ERP Software Solution

How would more efficiency, less waste, and greater customer satisfaction impact your business? Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions connect numerous functions from lubricant distribution through convenience store operations and automate many of your business processes. With technology in control, there is less room for error, processes are completed without human intervention, and employees are free to serve your customers’ needs.  There are several options available in the marketplace to fit every petroleum marketer’s needs–from small operations to large organizations.

  1. Cross-functional communication.  Because the modules of a full ERP solution use one single database, information can be transmitted from one functional area to another to allow various departments to work using the same information.  For example, customer service can relay orders to distribution, and delivered orders can be transmitted to accounting to collect payment and record revenue.  It’s simple for off-site remote employees to receive instructions or work order changes via a mobile device.
  2. Automated scheduling.  ERP solutions make fleet management easy with automatic scheduling.  The software analyzes scheduled and routine deliveries to determine the most efficient routes for drivers.  Managers no longer need to sort work orders, plan routes manually, and complete daily work instructions for drivers–the computer will handle this automatically.  It’s easy to communicate work-order or delivery changes to drivers on the road.
  3. Electronic billing.  Many ERP solutions provide the option for customers to provide an electronic signature for receipt of the product with a choice to pay at the time of delivery by credit card or with ACH authorization.  This feature eliminates the need for accounting to collect completed work tickets, compile invoices, and record payments.  Revenue numbers will automatically be transmitted at the time of payment and immediately hit the income statement.
  4. Automated report features.  Managers can create reports to run automatically and be distributed via email or another communication method regularly.  There’s no longer a need to physically pull a report each day and fax it to the relevant managers–the software will do all the work for you.  Best of all, because all of the data is working from a singular database, you can rest assured your reports are accurate.
  5. Notifications.  Users can create exceptions to alert management of issues to prevent problems before they occur, such as low inventory levels, overdue invoices, employee work hours approaching limits, contract renewals, compliance issues, and more.

Would you like to automate business processes in your organization?

WEnd Consulting knows the oil and gas industry.  We can help you analyze your operations, determine how an innovative solution can improve your business, review the options available, and be by your side through the entire software implementation.  Let our professional consultants illustrate how we can help you grow your bottom line.  Give us a call today to get started.

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