Is Your Fleet Management Software Preparing You for the Upcoming International Roadcheck?

Is your fleet prepared for the upcoming International Roadcheck?  From May 4-6, 2021, law enforcement officers from Canada, the United States, and Mexico will be working together to perform 72 hours of commercial vehicle inspections throughout North America.

Fleet Management Software What were the primary violations detected in 2020’s Roadchecks?

  1. In 2020, violations in regards to hours of service topped the list with 34.7% of recorded issues. Fleet owners should be familiar with the most updated Hours of Service Drivers Rule by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  2. 24% of violations were written for inoperable lighting systems. “Lamps inoperable” applies to all lighting devices, reflectors, and electrical equipment on the vehicle.  These are serious issues because they impact both the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely and impair the ability of other drivers on the road to be aware of the truck and its driving intentions.

Both of these issues will be priority items during this year’s annual International Roadcheck.

How can you best prepare your fleet for the inspections?

Of course, it’s important drivers are aware these inspections are coming up in May, but inspections could happen at any time.  Drivers should always remain calm and be professional when pulled over by officials.  You can help drivers be more confident during inspections with good preparation including these tips:

  1. Make sure your fleet is up-to-date on servicing and maintenance. Now is the time to make sure all records are complete and accessible to your fleet drivers.  Double-check the operability of lighting and electrical systems.  Ensure your drivers understand how to use all the functions of the trucks they are driving.
  2. Perform a check to ensure drivers have all required documentation ready for inspection, including:
    1. Electronic Logging Device (ELD) information
    2. Commercial driver’s license
    3. Medical certificate, including waivers
    4. Proof of periodic inspection documentation
    5. Other load-related documents including bill of lading and emergency response information for hazmat shipments

Stay prepared all year long with sound fleet management software.

Being prepared for annual roadcheck inspections or surprise inspections throughout the year shouldn’t be stressful to you, your managers, or your fleet drivers.  Our team at WEnd Consulting can help you implement fleet management software to track maintenance records and vehicle information.  At the same time, we can evaluate your ELD software to ensure your drivers can easily transmit the required information to inspection officials and review integration-ready software solutions to make sure your vital employee information is kept up-to-date.  Simply contact us today for a free consultation.   Let’s work together to transform your 2021 goals into achievements.